While often overlooked, real estate is one of the smartest investments individuals can make in today’s economy. Many people are misinformed of the process and because of this, it (understandably) resides outside their comfort zone.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor with multiple properties or simply flirting with the idea of doing something different with your money, we’re here to help. Investing in rehabs, multi-units, rental properties and real estate funds can be very lucrative and extremely safe if done properly with the right advisors.

The Dunning Team works jointly with CBA Property Management as their investment wing. Together we continually generate strong returns from secured property investments alongside a team highly experienced in building, zoning, finance, marketing & sales and real estate law. From acquisition to rehab to end delivery- we’re committed to excellence every step of the way.

All projects are currently fully cash-funded avoiding potential complications from bank loans and liens. At a time when financial institutions and other investment opportunities are giving small and often unpredictable payouts, real estate continues to provide strong, transparent and secure returns. The Dunning Team & CBA provide an easy platform for anyone looking to generate passive, consistent, double-digit yields.

In the last several years we’ve completed numerous multi-unit buildings and single-family homes. New projects are constantly in the pipeline and we’d love to chat about how real estate investments could be a great fit for you. Please check our sister page below and shoot us an e-mail for more information.